Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vacancy Available!!

Guys! there is some vacancies available for CiB Net Station. such as GM, products, marketing or technical.... anyone who interested please send a resume or call up to CiB Net Station at 03-8023 8315 or email to she is a sweet girl you guys also can call up to her number at 012-246 6200

Friday, February 22, 2008

SDO-X Johor Tournament

Well, there goes the journey for Johor Bahru.... 1st we have lunch in this restaurent

Nice right? but the food is just normal, check out the picture and you know

And yet he is so happy for his chicken rice.

And here we are!!! Johor famous hotel "Pavilion Hotel"!! sound like 6 stars hotel right? Why not you guys go check out the room.

Yeah~ it sucks big time. 1st of all the air is poluted and the toilet as dirty as the public toilet. Well, no choice... we don't have much money to stay a better hotel.

So, this is the Cyber Cafe that sponsor the tournament vanue. Cool design right? upstairs there is a high class cafeteria.
WoW~~~ so many people join this event...

Well..... pro will also lose!! hahahaha finally dude.. He cried after he lose
Aw~~~~~ i miss them so much~~~!!! Look at them, so sweet
This is the winner Cute right??

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kuantan SDOX Tournament

3 of us where going to Kuantan for this tournie and these are the photos i would like to share to everyone. althought its a bit disgusting but i'm sure you guys would like to look at it. Ops before you guys look at the photo below, let me tell u guys some funny thing. They come to find me at 6am in the morning cause we are going with 1 car. this is the 1st time they come to my house so what i expect they won't know how to come over to my house. So i waited for thier call....... alright they reach some where else near my house so they called me in the early morning. So at 1st i let them know the direction how to come to my house but they still lost so nevermind i will let them know how to come in an easier day. So, comment sense... everyone will ask the same question, "where are you now and what you see around you? any landmark?" and the replied was " I don't know leh.... but beside me there is a LONGKANG (drain) and....." before he finish the sentance i F*** them up. what the hell with that longkang? Do you guys know how many Longkang we have in PJ area? lolzzz i can't stop laughing about this after the incident. So lastly they found my house and have a nap in my room. below are the evidences....

Sweetie Dream don't he? hahaha and a very nice post. Why not we get a closer look may be you will know who is he...

Yeah~!!! It's really him.... i don't wan to mention his name and where he from. i guess you guys sure know who is him haha.... greate job camera man~!!!

Journey started! Gogogo fire in Kuantan hole~!! Damn! they are tired after training for the whole night and wish to beat every up in Kuantan. But do you guys realise that guy in pink color T-shirt is alert when this picture is taken? yeah~ cos he slept too much and he is alert all the way till Kuantan. Wanna have a closer look for this 2 DEAD BODIES??

THERE YOU GO~!! I believe you guys know who is that too. hahahaha!!!!

ok after 4 hour of slow drive we finally reach Kuantan. We get out from the car and have a ciggie 1st before we know where to go and what to do. Then 1 guy come out with an idea which i think its quit good. He said: why don't we go and have some beer 1st before the tournie start. Bugger i only have RM50 bucks in my wallet and he want me to spend so much of money. Finally we decide to go for lunch. 1 guys told me that the food there is special and good. but F*** ! its just normal chicken rice and curry mee.

Check out this gay finish his curry mee happily~!! and showing his pervert face. wahahaha!!

No idea what to say about this photo. Why not you guys give some comment?

Finally we reach the Cyber Cafe who host this tournament. And guys may i ask u guys how to spell the word "tournament" ??

Below are the tounament picture and also winners picture.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Malaysia Top 1 Tournament

Guys~! I heard that there is a SDOX tournament coming very soon. Heard that its a whole Malaysia tournament. Great chance to prove your skill and show it off to everyone. Let the whole Malaysia know and also let your parents know that playing SDOX is not a waste of time.

So all the champ outside please prepare and train more for the coming very soon tourney. There might be a hope for CiB Net Station to send the winner oversea to challenge oversea player. So Malaysia Boleh~!!!! ops wrong suppose to be "Malaysian Boleh!!"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Super Dancer Online - Xtreme Johor Tour

Super Dancer Online - Xtreme is having a Johor tour specially organize by Gamebox. Beside doing promotion there is also a mini competition for the Cyber Cafe.

Schedule For SDO-X Road Show
19th January 2008 Saturday
3:00PM to 4:30PM
Gamers Paradise No.48,Jln Cengal,Tmn Batu Pahat, BP 83000 Johor.

5:00PM to 6:30PM
Insomnia No.6,Jln Flora Utama 2,Tmn Flora Utama, BP 83000 Johor.

7:00PM to 8:30PM
Grand Tech No.108,Jln Chengal,Tmn Makmur,Batu Pahat 83000 Johor.

9:00PM to 10:30PM
The Glow No.7,Jln Flora Utama 2,Tmn Flora Utama, BP 83000 Johor.

20th January 2008 Sunday
12:00PM to 01:30PM
Zero Eight No.6,Tmn Kristal II,Parit Raja, 86400 BP Johor.

3:00PM to 4:30PM
Century Internet No.18,Tmn Marin, 84000 Muar, Johor.

6:00PM to 7:30PM
Login Computer Ptd No6430,Tmn Maju Jaya,Batu 3,Jln Bakri, Muar Johor.

Starter pack / point card Sales Promotion
•Buy SDO-X product up to RM100 FREE Night exp card x 3 worth 510M Point

•Buy SDO-X product up to RM150 FREE Wedding Set (love banner, wedding card, wedding room) worth 980M Point

•Buy SDO-X product up to RM200 FREE 1 family create card and 1 family expand card worth 1250M Point

Competition Event Prize
Grand Prize – Male Cloth(30Days) or Female Cloth(30Days)

2nd Prize – Night Exp Card x 2

3rd Prize – 3hrs 2x Exp Card x 2

Sunday, January 13, 2008

IMAX Ipoh Parade Event

I went to ipoh to join out this event on 5th Jan and 6th Jan. The event was great and i start to believe what people say about Ipoh. The food was great and the chicks are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! I started to love XDO more and more, cause i saw a few pretty girl did buy XDO starter pack to try out.

IMAX Event Environment

Haizzzz always see him win, sien jor la~!!!!

OH MY GOD~!!!!!!!! This Org is trying to kill XDO, guys please protect XDO

I wish CiB Net Station would give me 1 of this banner.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Some More Pic

This is 1 of the person i admire also. He is quite good

You haven see her play yet. you get shock if u see it

-[ZzZ]- VS -[SER]-

9 years old boy that play together with -[ZzZ]- but he didn't lose

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